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pain/ bread

Using wheat that we can obtain in Japan, from producers that we have direct contact with, grinding the grain with a stone mill, kneading the dough by hand, and finally, baking it in a wood fired oven.

Transcending mere knowledge and technique, a bread resonating from the five senses…

Four à bois/ wood oven

How to stop the deterioration of the memory of the 11th of March 2011, the day on which my way of thinking about energy problems changed 180º. Not gas, nor electricity, the chosen method was a wood fired oven. 

A French type wood oven, with oven and furnace separated, was built in about four months, relying on the vigorous input of many people. 

Paysanne/ farmer

The aspiration exists, of course, to grow wheat, and from this wheat to bake bread. But more than that, there is the desire to touch the soil, to relate, even a little, to the primary industry that supports our most precious life, in order to have a personal opinion.


I am truly hopeless at explaining about myself. Definitely, the best way is to ask you to try the bread…